University Canada West (UCW) offers a globally recognized ACBSP and NCMA-accredited MBA program. UCW’s Master of Business Administration degree challenges students in areas vital to business operation and administration and thoroughly prepares students for undertaking various kinds of business roles. It develops core competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, system analysis,Read More →

This Master Programme prepares the student with a refinded and composed managerial manner in terms of Sports Management with strategies  dealt method with appropriate & professional approach as deemed in the international sports industry. Interested students contact with our consultantRead More →

Students undertaking this Master Programme will study on the creative aspects of multimedia design and production, and project management. This programme is aimed at students from a variety of backgrounds and experience who wish to further their understanding and skills in multimedia, web design and production without concentrated emphasis onRead More →

This Master programme helps the students to be prepared for their business, employers or employees. It’s modules from risk management, quality assurance, cost management enables students to be competant, business minded with the ability to be manage projects that is of international standard. More information and admission query please contactRead More →

The Master in Business Administration in Human Resource Management program  is designed to focus on the human resource elements of business and also help to develop the skills needed to contribute to the management. The program develops understanding of HRM practices across a variety of organizational settings; with an emphasisRead More →